Can you send a burofax online?

25 mayo 2023


Definitive guide to send an online burofax

El burofax, an essential instrument in the legal and business sphere, ensures the delivery of critical notifications with full legal validity.

As digitalization transforms every facet of our lives, the sending of burofaxes is not left behind. Thanks to companies that offer online burofax services, this crucial process has become more accessible and straightforward.

In this article, we will not only guide you on how to send a burofax online quickly and effectively but also show you why this modern method can be more beneficial than conventional methods.

What is an online burofax and what is it used for?

An online burofax is a digital version of the traditional burofax that allows the management of the sending of important notifications through the internet. Despite being carried out online, the burofax is physically delivered directly to the recipient's hand.

Specialized companies in this type of communication offer the service, guaranteeing legal validity, in-person delivery, and providing proof of receipt and certification of the sent content.

This alternative allows for a faster, more convenient, and efficient process, avoiding long queues at post offices and facilitating real-time tracking of the shipment.

Steps to send a burofax online

Here are the basic steps to send a burofax online using the Burofax One service from CartaSinSobre, one of the leading companies in the market:

  1. Access the platform: go to the website and select the Burofax One service.

  2. Fill in sender and recipient details: complete the required information, including names and addresses.

  3. Attach the document: prepare and attach the file in PDF format that you wish to send as a burofax. Make sure the document is well-written and contains all the necessary information.

  4. Additional options: decide whether you want to send a copy of the burofax via fax in advance. This can be useful to ensure that the recipient receives the information even before the physical delivery of the burofax.

  5. Create an account or log in: register for free on or log in if you already have an account.

  6. Make the payment: proceed with the payment using your credit or debit card. The cost of the Burofax One service with proof of receipt and certification of content is 19.97 euros for two pages.

  7. Confirm the shipment: you will receive an email confirmation of the burofax shipment and delivery.

  8. Download additional documents: from your Reserved Area on, you can download the proof of receipt, the certification of content, and other documents related to the shipment.

Advantages of sending a burofax online

Sending a burofax online offers several advantages compared to the traditional method:

  • Convenience: you can carry out the entire process from the comfort of your home or office, without having to go to a post office.

  • Speed: the sending and delivery are usually faster than traditional postal burofax, with deadlines of 24 to 48 business hours.

  • Real-time tracking: sending burofax online allows for real-time tracking of the delivery, ensuring greater transparency and control over the process.

  • Access to certified documents: depending on the company you hire, you can download copies of the burofax, proof of receipt, and certification of content, further increasing their security and reliability.

  • Time-saving: by avoiding travel and long queues at post offices, sending burofaxes online allows you to save time and focus on other important tasks.

  • Device compatibility: you can access the online burofax service from any device, such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

In Conclusion

Sending burofaxes online represents a necessary evolution in the digital era, providing a secure, fast, and reliable solution for managing legally valid notifications.

Companies like CartaSinSobre, through their Burofax One service, have democratized access to this service, allowing users to carry out the entire procedure from any location and device.

By following the simple steps explained in this article, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by online burofax and ensure formal and reliable communication in situations that require it.

This change not only modernizes the process but also reinforces the effectiveness and efficiency of legal and business communication in the digital age.